Luka is the second-born son of a famous tribe leader. blah blah blah precious baby blah pure cionnamon roll

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Luka is a longear with a delicate build and a feminime face which earned him the nickname "Babyface" in the longear community.

He has natural straight hair which he styles in order to make him appear taller.

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In front of strangers, Luka acts all high and mighty and he has a cocky attitude towards them. He doesn’t trust anyone easily, so he’s very careful and hard to approach…unless you want to be his enemy, haha.

This makes him sound really confident, but without Lex around, he’s timid, insecure and self-aware.

He even earned himself the nickname babyface, which makes everything worse cause of his inferiority complex and his desire to be strong and manly.

Otherwise, Luka is very loyal, he’d never abandon his friends and even risk his life for them.

His protective instinct and sense of responsibility are so distinctive, that these otherwise positive characteristics can get… problematic.

Luka shoulders problems and workload on his own, and when something goes wrong he’ll blame himself.

He’s extremely afraid of loss, which causes him to be overprotective.  His behaviour creeps Yuu out but Luka doesn’t notice. He even takes care of Ray, even though their relationship is nonexistent and all they do is fight, if they interact at all.


  • Blake

He is Luka's older brother, they never got along since they've been little. Now, Luka's holding a deep grudge against him.

  • Yuu

Yuu is like a little sister to Luka. He does everything he can to make her happy and he will protect her at all costs, even his own life.

  • Ray

They are pretty distant towards each other, but Luka tries lecturing Ray and making sure he doesn't go far with his violent behaviour, just like a bickering mother. Luka pls.


  • Luka is the first character to ever be created by Melonenbrot in 2005!
  • Luka's strength isn't his physical strength, but his speed. He's weak for longear standards, but incredibally fast, agile and flexible. To the point you will be grossed out by the things he can do.
  • Headcanon voice is Okamoto Nobuhiko. Perfect fit in every way.