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For Your Sake is a story developed by Melonenbrot, which takes place in a completely original universe. There are no works officialy published yet, apart from short comics and illustrations.

This wikia was made to give the whole damn thing more structure and make it less confusing for people who aren't Mel.

Also, if you got an Longear OC you can create a wiki page for them on here!!!

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For Your Sake actually consists of several different stories which all have their own protagonists and locations set at a different point in time.

If Mel gets to actually release them, the stories add to each other, explaining certain developments and the world altogether.

The stories are:

For your Sake Edit

Obviously the main plot and it tells the tale of Luka's daily life.

For your Sake -the eyes of a liar- Edit

A retelling trough Blake's point of view.


Ilan's story, takes place before and during the main story.

Untitled Edit

Akoz & Haals adventures. They take place after the main story.

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