Blake is one of the main characters in For your Sake and also the antagonist. He was supposed to follow his fathers footsteps and become a tribeleader, but fate had something different for him in mind.

Appearance Edit

Blake is really tall and might even give off an intimidating vibe if it wasn't for his constant insecure expression.

He's usually seen with a long cape and baggy pants to cover up most of his body, and a simple leather piece for protection.

Personality Edit

Even as a child, Blake was never much of a social guy. He preferred books over playing and fighting with the other longear kids, much to their astonishment.

Over time, as a result of consuming lots of human literature, he picked up on their viewpoints and morals and became even more distant to his own tribe, even resenting them.

Now, Blake is extremely asocial, shy and barely able to speak up his mind. Despite this, he has a strong own will and a dream he pursues vehemently.

Relationships Edit

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